Dosing and Mixing – It all depends on the right mixture

Precise dosing

Only precise dosing time after time produces consistent quality that ensures brand loyalty.



Electromagnetic flowmeter in sandwich construction for all standard measurements.

  • Flow-optimised measuring tube with ceramic liner for long-term stability
  • CIP and SIP up to 180°C or 355°F
  • Simple installation



Patented outside and inside design make this the most easy to clean and keep clean electromagnetic meter available for volumetric dosing of conductive liquids.

  • Totally gap-free hygienic connection between process pipe and measuring instrument through unique gasket design
  • Piggable, self-emptying, simple to clean
  • CIP and SIP up to 150°C or 300°F
  • Material conforms to FDA
  • All hygienic connections such as DIN 11581, DIN 11864, Tri-Clamp, VARIVENT®, welded ends, etc.
  • Extremely smooth non-stick Teflon PFA liner
  • Highest precision




Gasket concept

OPTIFLUX 6000 has a unique L-shaped gasket, which when compressed, shows unidirectional compression.

Gasket insert, uncompressed, the trapezoidal form is clearly visible

Meter fitted, gasket compressed, at room temperature.

The greatest compression pressure is at the measuring tube end of the gasket, forcing it to expand only into the expansion chamber.

Elevated temperature with meterfitted and gasket compressed.

The compression chamber is almost completely filled. The gasket does not bulge excessively into the measuring tube.